Am I wasting our money and time ? I am just planting baby trees in a mountain. Is it useful for our life and socisty? I was thinking about it many times. However, now I realized that the trees which I plant are important to produce the clean water. My job was important to our life. I am very happy to find it."
Here, I would like to introduce one man's story. He was working at a port for a several years after retiring from his work to plant trees. Chiiki HACCP is here not only for organizations, but also for an individual.
A story of a man who was working in a mountain for more than 40 years
The beauty of this place is just unnoticed.
〜Shibetsu, Hokkaido island, Japan〜
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Beautiful people in Shibetsu

 “Look at that mountain.”
A man said with pointing a mountain covered with blight greens.

“I had been planting baby trees for more than 40 years until I retired.”

When he was working in the forest which is close to Shibestu, many people asked him “Is it so important to plant trees in the mountain? You are wasting our tax.” he wondered whether he wasted tax or not. “Is my job really useful for our society?” However, he kept planting trees until he was 60 years old.

Now He was working at Shibetsu port to keep it clean. His job was to check the port, clean it. If there was something wrong, he had to report to the administrator of the port.

 As Shibetsu port is the beginning of the project to deliver their salmon safely, it should be considered as one of the most important part of the project (Relay HACCP). He was checking everywhere at the port and the sea near the there. If he found garbage, he picked it up. After that, he wrote what he saw and picked on his note. “I did not like to write something, I did not know how to write very well, but now I am learning letters. This is my dictionary. First time, I thought why I had to write something everyday, but not it is becoming interesting for me to learn letters.” He smiled beautifully.

“And now,” he said, “I found my job to plant trees were useful to keep water clean and beautiful. The water came from that mountain and runs into the ocean. My trees are important to produce beautiful water in Shibetsu. I finally understood m job was important, I am really glad.”

After cleaning the port, He got on his car and smiled, “I have to go to check everything quickly before ships come back here.”

He was gone with beautiful morning sunlight.

<everything is connected with each other.>


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