New Year's Day is the most important holiday in Japan.
We make special and festive food for New Year's Day.

Pictures above left : :sea food Sashimi
right: sanma's sushi

picture left: Ozouni (in Japanese)
each family has own style.
Our family / Fish fravor, radish, carot, gobou, and green vegetable and mochi(rice cake)
on the way to go to Kesennuma from Sendai city(Miyagi prefecture)
To creat safe and healthy food enviroment for the future which our grand children will live.
Our key words are: Healthy, nuturitious and natural foods, environment, and improve the industries and education in the region where people produce foods. We would like to help you to deliver foods products safely from the producers to consumers.
What is Chiiki HACCP in Shibetsu ?
Kesen numa in Miyagi
Beautiful places in Japan
hotsprings in Tohoku, Cherry blossoms in Kyoto etc.
Healthy Japanese food
Hot spring information
You can get Japanese hotspring's information here!(Onsen!)

↑hotel daiichi's good place to wait for shima fukurou(owl).
please send us email if you have any questionl

What is going on in Japan??

Nebuta festival in Aomori

Spring is just around the corner. Syukugawa, Nishinomiya city, Hyogo prefecture in Japan Right: nippon Maru,
Kobe port in this Spring

Healthy Japanese food

Japanese food for New Year's Day

Have you ever tried tasty healthy Japanese smoked salmon?

If not,

Try it!

This salmon is produced in Shibetsu, Hokkaido Iland in Japan.
not oily. low fat salmon.

Contact us!

Price:10000 yen($100) 53 smoked salmon only.

Fishermen's hand made.

Our appointed tasks

▼Chiiki HACCP in Shibetsu, Hokkaido Island, Japan

FIshermen in Shibetsu started this project in 1998. Now it became a bigger movement and many people in Shibetsu are working hard to recover the natural environment which their ancestors used to have to improve their industry. Shibetsu is the first region where people created the method to produce and deliver marine food safely from the port to consumers.
★Chiiki means”Region” in Japanese.
▼Chiiki HACCP in Kesen numa city, Miyagi prefecture, north east part of Japan
Kesen numa is the region where people created the word"Mori wa umi no koibito(Japanese)" Mori means forest , umi means the sea, koibito means lover. so it may be translated "Forest is a lover of the sea", I think "The forest needs the sea, and the sea needs the forest"might be good. Poeple in Kesennuma is working hard on the project "Chiiki HACCP"
HACCP is developed to produce safe foods for the people who work in the space. It was born in the United States of America. We arranged this system to fit factories, cultures and industries in a region. We call this system “Chiiki HACCP” in Japanese. Chiiki means REGION in Japanese. To make this word understandable, I would like to translate this system to “Relay HACCP”. Imagine relay road race. People make their best to deliver a baton to the next runner. Chiiki HACCP is almost the same. First, the producers do their best to keep the products fresh and clean, and then the staff member in factories work upon them and check whether they have any problem or not. Then, their products are delivered by the drivers who are registered as a member of Chiiki HACCP. Even small problem must be informed with each other in this process. At the end of the relay, when consumers get these products without any problems, finally their work is successfully ended

★Producer must work hard to keep the ocean clean.
★Factories should be cleaned and all staff members must be educated to keep their work places clean and well organized. Good work environment is very important not only to produce good food products, but also to protect workers’ health and safe working condition.
★The drivers must be careful to control temperature and keep foods in appropriate temperature.

However, more than these, the most important thing for us to produce good foods is to keep environment beautiful and prevent it from pollution.

That is why, we are trying to protect our environment.We have to coexist with the nature around us.
That is why we are learning how our ancestors coexisted with the nature, and we think one of the important roles of modern science is to prove how clever our ancestors were.

beautiful place near Shibestu

What 's new

Hot spring in Japan
Hotel "Chi no hate" this hotel is in Shiretoko, Hokkaido. Shiretoko was designate as a national heritage in 2005. Shiretoko means "The end of the world" in Ainu and "Chi no hate" means "the end of the world" in Japanese. There is full of nature there(as I always talk, it is different form "Nature has been kept as it was", though) and you can enjoy good hot spring. The color of the water of hot spring is misty blue. I found a bambi there, according to the local people, it is usual to see deer and bears there and they feel them very close. If you happen to have a chance to cvisit east part of Hokkaido, try to come to say Hi to the bambi. Read more

bambi around the hotel in Shiretoko and hotspring (Middle) The entrance of the hotel "Chi no hate".

Nakashibetsu, Hokkaido 'Hotel Dai ichi" ,ltwo pictures, left and the middle. .
Left:Good place to wait for sima fukurou(owl) middle, entrance of hotel "Dai ichi"Great woodcrafts are waiting for you.
Right: the garden of Yumoto onsen, Hakodate "Takuboku tei"
Takuboku is a famous Japanese famous poet. He was born in Iwate prefecture but went to Hakodate to get a job. He was working as a write, teacher, etc to survive. Though he stayed Hakodate just for four monthes, he loved the town because of its beauty.
Information about healthy foods are coming soon.

Healthy and nuturitious Japanese food

Otsubo's wakame and mekabu series. Sea weed is one of the representitives of Japanese healthy foods.
These products are very good for health and easy to be cooked. If you want to take it with you when you are taking a trip, you can put them among your clothes.
5/2/2007 Kesen numa top page CLICK here
Come and meet Beautiful people in Kesennuma. Delicious food is made by beautiful environment and people.
A man who worked in the mountain...
Please remember, how a man was working for us in Shibetsu.
Click here to read the article.
Kyoto's cherry blossoms this past April. Famous place in Japan Click here to see pictures.
Above:These pictures were taken in Kesen numa. Left:for children's day. Wishing thier happy life and health.

Salt from Okinawa, Chyatan is on sale now.

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