fresh fish is so delicious that we can not stop eating it...
Kesen numa is located in a national park and famous for its beautiful enviroment. Come and see beautiful people in Kesen numa.
Enjoy delicious Japanese sea food dishes.
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Kesen numa
Sight seeing
Ÿthe forest needs the sea. There are lot of beautiful places and people in the city, Kesen numa.

The famous and beautiful waord "Mori wa umi no koibito." was born here, Kesen numa.
This city is famous for producing oysters.
Good oysters are not able to be produced without clean water. The water is coming from the forest in the mountain. That is why, we have to take care of the forest if we want to get clean water.
Forest and the sea can not be beautiful by itself, because we humanbeing live among them.

Hotel Kanyo.

Japanese restraut "Ebisu Burumai"

@@@@@@@@@@@Come and see what is going on here, Kesen numa. You are always welcome!

Utsumi san and Dr.Fujita
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